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("African Woman and Baby")



Jaxine was very proud to have this painting selected for the logo of  the International African Family Organization, (IAFO) developed at Ohio University.


One of the goals of ASED-IAFO was the education of Africans, especially women, to play an active role in the development of their communities. 






    "Yellow Zen Abstract"

         Acrylic    30 x 24




    "African Patterns"

     Acrylic   16 x 20






         "Ross One"       

     Pastel     22 x 28











    "African Culture Day Friends"

         Mixed Media     22 s 27






   "African Culture Day"

  Mixed Media    22 x 27







  "African Woman and Boy"

         Acrylic   24 x 30













          "African Woman and Boy"

                 Acrylic       24 x 30







       "Family Album"

       Acrylic    24 x 30








       "The Watering Hole"

        Acrylic       40 x 30






         "Calypso Man"

      Acylic     34 x 39








    "African Style"

     Mixed Media

        16 x 20







       "African Treasure"
















         "Tapistry of Africa"

         Gold leaf/Acrylic      

               28  x30 







       "African Map"

     Acrylic    22 x 27






"Mother Earth"

Acrylic/Mixed   36 x 36





  "Market Place"

  Acrylic    43 x 61








     "Portrait of Zebra"

     Acrylic   22 x 28









   "Endangered Species"

       Acrylic      43 x 51
















"Spirit of Zimbawi"

   Acrylic    27 x 31







  "Golden Egypt"

Acrylic/Goldleaf    30 x 30






              "African Hut"


                  28 x 30











    30 x 36 Acrylic








See more of Jaxine's African art at Arizona Art Alliance shows; Phoenix Artists Guild, and websites, as well as those listed on the Current Exhibits, Coming Attractions and Related Web Pages (see below)



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