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"A Different Angle"

Acrylic    30 x 24





"Thank you, Van Gogh"

Acrylic    36 x 36






Acrylic    30 x 24











"Galaxy 5"

Collage     24 x 30




"The Dogwood Tree"

   Acrylic       18 x 24




  "The Electronic Age"

Acrylic   36 x 36









"Legendary Lost Dutchman"

Mixed Media/Gold Leaf   

30 x 30    




     "Rural Renewal"   

    Acrylic      33 x31





"Circles on Abstract"

Acrylic     24 x 30









"Yellow Bird Abstract"

Mixed Media     30 x 24





         "Pipe  Dreams "  

    Mixed Media   22 x 28





"Abstract Blues"

 Acrylic      25x25






  "Bear in Wagon"

    Pastel      19 x 22





"Bear in Chest"

Pastel    19 x 22





"It's Still Fashionable"

Acrylic   24 x 30











     "The Sphere"

   Acrylic    22 x 28





             "White Still Life on Blue"

                  Acrylic       30 x 20




See more of Jaxine's Eclectic art at Arizona Art Alliance shows; Critique Encounters XII, and Art From America websites, as well as those listed on the Current Exhibits, Coming Attractions and Related Websites (see below)

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